Sleeping Beauties – The Have Mercy Paintings

chase contemporary
November 15 - december 15, 2018

In 1982, my friends Sparky (Charles M. Schulz) and animator Bill Melendez invited me to their quaint row of animation houses, in Los Angeles, to view the production of a new project focusing on the tragedies and sacrifices of war. Read More >>


Mouche Gallery


The last work produced for the Mouche Gallery exhibition Raw, was actually the first work for the next new body of work Waves of Influence.

For the last two years, these paintings, presently totaling over 150 works on canvas and paper, have been constructed on the foundation of one wave drawing that Charles Schulz created for a Sunday strip, on April 21st 1991.  Read More >>


Mouche Gallery
PAGES OF THE COLORING BOOK, FEBruary 27 - march 27, 2016


How raw and fearlessly fearful we are when we first step into the dangerous waters just off the coast of our rules. Is it possibly the raw fine mist of our academia that precedes the rolling waves of cultivated influences will allow us to be receptive to new and other ways of seeing?  Read More >>

I've Got Ants In my Pants 

November 7 - December 7, 2015


“I’ve Got Ants In My Pants (and I Need To Dance)” is a new body of 57 works on MDF Board, Paper, and Canvas, along with new mixed media print works. It is an exhibition of camouflaged visual confessions of the inspirational motivations that push the restless necessity for creative thinking.  Read More >>

Rollin With The Homies

May 18 - June 18, 2013


This extraordinary Collection of works was on exhibition and available for acquisition at AFA Gallery in New York City beginning May 18 through June 18, 2013.  Read More >>


Artist Statement By Tom Everhart
May, 2011


In one of Sparky’s last essays included in his 1999, “A Golden Celebration”, he speaks to the growth of his work: “It took on a quality which I think is even more important, and that is one which I can describe only as abstraction.”  Read More >>

crashing the party

the arty-fact paintings
AFA Gallery May 22 - June 26, 2011


The paintings of Tom Everhart have always allowed the viewer to play with the familiar and its unexpected reinterpretation. When Charles Schulz recognized that Tom was inspired by his painterly line and had discovered new artistic ways to portray it, Schulz gave Everhart exclusive and free artistic license to use the PEANUTS™ characters as subject matter for the duration of his lifetime.  Read More >>

cracking up

Artist statement by Tom Everhart
April, 2006


It occurred to me recently, while laughing hysterically at my own reflection dancing uncontrollably around me on the four feet of colorful transparent Tahitian water, that the act of cracking up can be extremely visual.  Read More >>

under the influence

Charles M. Schulz Museum
November 15, 2003 - March 15, 2004


Why is it that we are only aware of a profound influence through its retrospection, or, at best, during its evolution? In other words, it seems to be only with time, looking back, that one can clearly see what has taken place and to what affect it has had.  Read More >>

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