Master Class

By Alyssa Ford
Spring, 2014

One artist is out to prove that cartoonist extraordinaire Charles Schulz earned his place among such greats as van Gogh and Picasso. In his lifetime, Charles M. Schulz rarely turned down interview requests. He found them “relaxing” and a welcome distraction from his day job, drawing the world’s most popular cartoon strip, Peanuts. Read More >>

The Fine Art of Snoopy

by Joan Tupponce for American Way Magazine

Sunlight pours into Tom Everhart’s Venice Beach, Calif., art studio, illuminating a 7-by-11-foot painting that looks ­remarkably familiar because it features Snoopy, the iconic character in Peanuts, the popular comic strip. But more than an homage, the painting — called “Big Poppa” — tells a story of a friendship and the power of art to not only inspire but also heal.  Read More >>

One-on-One With Artist Tom Everhart

By Delphine De Causans for Haute Living Magazine
May 23, 2013

I recently had the honor of meeting Tom Everhart at an opening of his new exhibition organized by the AFA Gallery. Tom is a really nice and interesting artist who’s willing to talk about his art, making himself easy to reach. It was a real pleasure for me to learn more about his art, about him and the way he works.  Read More >>


By Ali Hoffman for Nylon Magazine
May 16, 2013

Our initial interest in LA-based artist Tom Everhart came immediately after hearing of his upcoming exhibit, "Rollin With The Homies." Let's be real, we're suckers for a Coolio/Clueless reference. But regardless of what drew us in, it's safe to say what was first a curiosity has turned into a full-fledged fascination.  Read More >>


By Alina Heim for Downtown Magazine
April 25, 2013

Tom Everhart, the artist who found fame by creating fine art versions of  Charles Schulz’s iconic “Peanuts” characters, will be opening a new exhibit at the AFA gallery in New York City entitled “Rollin With The Homies.”  Read More >>


Tom Everhart treats some familiar characters in new ways

By Charyn Pfeuffer for Bohemian
November 13, 2003

Tom Everhart is frequently mislabeled a "pop artist," making it easy to misunderstand his lively, large-scale paintings riffing off a familiar character - in this case, the work of one Charles "Sparky" Schulz.  Read More >>


By Katherine Brooks for Huffington Post
March 6, 2000

Charles Schulz may be gone, but Charlie Brown isn’t. Venice artist Tom Everhart remains the only one in the world authorized to paint Snoopy and friends.  Read More >>


By Laura Dunphy for Los Angeles Business Journal
March 6, 2000

Charles Schulz may be gone, but Charlie Brown isn’t. Venice artist Tom Everhart remains the only one in the world authorized to paint Snoopy and friends.  Read More >>


By Kathleen Renda for Baltimore Magazine
June, 1996

TOM EVERHART PAINTS like an over-caffeinated aerobics instructor. Leaping, pummeling, gyrating and contorting, Everhart hurls purple gobs of pigment onto a 14-foot-long canvas inside his Mt. Vernon studio with a grim-faced intensity.  Read More >>


By Sarah Lowen for Baltimore Magazine
September, 1991

ROY LICHTENSTEIN PAINTED POPEYE. NOW Baltimore artist Tom Everhart is rendering the Peanuts gang in oils for major exhibition tentatively planned for Tokyo, Los Angeles and Toronto in 1993.  Read More >>


Tom’s Inspiring Story

Tom Everhart is a world-renown fine artist educated by Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts. Tom has survived Stage 4 colon & liver cancer for 23 years. He shares his story with You Inspire about finding love through his hardships and how Snoopy changed his life.

Everhart Featured On NBC’s Today Show

We knew this was going to be much bigger than your normal morning segment when national correspondent Jamie Gangel claimed this story for her own. In addition to Jamie's owns connection to Everhart's art as a longtime fan, she was also the very last journalist to interview Charles Schulz for television. This was a major production involving two full days of shooting on both coasts.

Everhart interviewed on japanese tv

Tom Everhart's art work is collected by people around the world. But one of his largest followings is in the country of Japan. This interview was done at the Charles Schulz Museum during the opening of his art Exhibition "Under the Influence".

Everhart Interviewed On Game On!

John Salley visits Tom Everhart's studio for a wonderful interview on how he became the famed artist of the Peanuts.

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