Raw: Black and White Works

Keiko Noah presents Tom Everhart's debut, rare Black and White exhibition called Raw: Black and White Works From 1998 – 2016 at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. Tom Everhart’s Schulz influenced body of work has been in progress for twenty-seven years and was begun nine years after he and Charles Schulz met in 1980. The black- and-white work is rare, but has existed since the very first works. The black- and- white work organized for this first time exhibition of black- and- white works only, was selected from 1998 to 2016; of which fifteen new works created solely for this exhibition. This body of black and white work was produced on canvas and paper, as well as more raw materials like raw wood, medium density fiber panels, plastic cups and polyester pom-pom balls. 

Tom’s Inspiring Story

Tom Everhart is a world-renown fine artist educated by Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts. Tom has survived Stage 4 colon & liver cancer for 23 years. He shares his story with You Inspire about finding love through his hardships and how Snoopy changed his life.

Everhart Featured On NBC’s Today Show

We knew this was going to be much bigger than your normal morning segment when national correspondent Jamie Gangel claimed this story for her own. In addition to Jamie's owns connection to Everhart's art as a longtime fan, she was also the very last journalist to interview Charles Schulz for television. This was a major production involving two full days of shooting on both coasts.

Everhart interviewed on japanese tv

Tom Everhart's art work is collected by people around the world. But one of his largest followings is in the country of Japan. This interview was done at the Charles Schulz Museum during the opening of his art Exhibition "Under the Influence".

Everhart Interviewed On Game On!

John Salley visits Tom Everhart's studio for a wonderful interview on how he became the famed artist of the Peanuts.

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